KCI has been active in the offshore green hydrogen market since 2021. Together with parent company Sif Group, GE Renewable Energy, Pondera and Smulders, KCI is participating in the AmpHytrite Project.

Our engineering services include:

Topside and foundation

Research and development

  • R&D into centralized offshore and off-grid hydrogen production unit(s) (AmpHytrite project)
  • R&D into decentralized hydrogen production unit(s) in WTG Turbine
  • R&D into scalability of offshore hydrogen production units towards GW-scale production
  • Continuous R&D to improve Offshore Green Hydrogen concept development


  • Providing inputs for feasibility studies, concepts and business cases.
  • Proving inputs for capex investments for hydrogen production facilities.
  • Proving inputs for trade-offs solutions for (offshore) storage, transportation (cable or pipeline) and gas separation.


  • Translation functional requirement into designs.
  • Design responsibility for the full system.
  • Total procurement and system integration due to direct contact with suppliers of components.