Our latest project is Ain Dubai (largest observation wheel in the world with a height of 250+ meter, main contractor Hyundai). Our scope of work in this project consists of the overall engineering which is the concept-, basic- , and detailed design including interface management, erection- and installation engineering. Life safety and operations/ maintenance are an important aspect in this developments. A close cooperation with the certified body TUV Sud is for us evidently.

 Also we have received various certificates which shows our experience and performance. We are active in the global markets for giant wheels (Spoke Cable type) and in the conventional larger ferris wheels (Rigid Spoke type). In our opinion innovation is a must which results in improvements in every new design by involving lessons learned from previous projects. This ensures the owners of the new wheel an optimal project execution with a long term successful exploitation.

 Besides giant wheels we have developed also observation towers with the highest level of comfort and experience for every visitor in combination with a great appearance and harmonious presence with the surrounding area.

 For KCI is it important that we develop tailor made solutions by working closely with the development teams of our customers. For the manufacturing, erection and commissioning we believe strongly in the involvement of the local supply chain. KCI is able and available for support during fabrication and installation/ commissioning.

Find here our track record in wheels.

 Track record  Heightm  Concept design  Basic Design  Detailed design  Design review  Installation engineering  Consultancy 
 Ain Dubai  200+  ✓  ✓  ✓     ✓    
 New York Wheel  192  ✓  ✓   ✓          
 Great Berlin Wheel  186  ✓  ✓  ✓     ✓    
 Singapore Flyer  165           ✓       
 Melbourne Star  120           ✓       
 Qingdao Wheel  68  ✓  ✓             
 Great Orlando Wheel  122  ✓  ✓             
 Beijing Great Wheel  208                 ✓ 
 Las Vegas High Roller  167        ✓          
 Great Venice Wheel  64  ✓                
 Great Taiwan Wheel  88  ✓        ✓       
 London Eye  135           ✓