the Spiral Tower is an architectural eye-catcher. It features integrated solar panels, vertical gardens and is crowned with an urban windmill. The Spiral Tower will become a landmark for city centres, urban developments, expo terrains and parks, offering visitors 360-degree views of their surroundings.

The Spiral Tower is a joint initiative by KCI The Engineers, Bosch Rexroth, HILLEBRAND and NorthernLight. The project is the result of their combined efforts to transform the traditional observation wheel into an innovative, sustainable, and energy- and space-efficient attraction. Please visit the Spiral Tower website

  • The Spiral Tower is the ultimate landmark for a modern city.
  • This architectural eye catcher is sustainable and has low energy use.
  • Each cabin regenerates energy like an electric car.
  • The tower operation is steered by an intelligent control system.
  • The cabins have smart windows with augmented city information.
  • Suited for social distancing: clearly separated visitors groups per cabin.
  • The spiral tower is green, with an integrated windmill and solar panels.
  • It is made with an affordable lightweight steel construction.
  • And most important: a uniquely small footprint.
  • The Spiral Tower is truly the most innovative and sustainable high-rise attraction in the world.