Senior structural engineer with focus on installation engineering

We are looking for a senior structural engineer having experience with the design of transport, lifting and installation aids & provisions for offshore structures like oil & gas production or transformer platform topsides and jackets and monopiles and the design of storage , transport and installation (lay) equipment for the export and inter array cables within windfarms, the design of foundation pile transport and handling (such as pile upending provisions, aligning and guiding equipment during driving and substructure levelling and pile gripping provisions) for concept, basic and detail design phase of projects.

The engineering activities will not be limited to installation engineering activities but will also include the design of permanent construction details as typically found on offshore structures such as boat landings, access systems, clamps and bolted, welded and grouted connections. The structural engineer will perform the necessary design analyses and studies and produce accompanying reports independently. In the role of senior engineer he will report to the lead engineer and work together with other engineering disciplines, project manager and client counterpart.

Duties & Responsibilities

The senior structural engineer is involved in various engineering projects.

Detailed strength calculations such as, but not limited to

  • The design of transport provisions such as grillage and sea fastening including vessels strength calculations for transport;
  • The design of lifting provision such as pad eyes, trunnions, spreader bars & spreader frames, lifting clamps etc;
  • The design of installation provisions such as stabbing points, guides and bumpers etc;
  • The design of installation equipment such as monopile upending, aligning and guiding tools, pile grippers etc;
  • The rigging arrangement design and rigging selection (sling arrangement, shackles etc) for lifting operations;
  • The design of equipment for electrical cable storage for transport and cable laying such as carousels, storage drums, over-boarding chutes, roller boxes, A-frame, cable quadrants, cable highways etc;
  • The design of access systems such as boat landings, boat bumpers, access ladders and access and maintenance platforms etc;
  • The design of platform components such as crane pedestals, crane boom rests, heavy equipment supports, trolley beams etc;
  • The design of the permanent connection between the foundation pile and a substructure (eg. grouted),  the design of substructure levelling and foundation pile gripping systems and the design of pile sleeves;
  • Decommissioning engineering for topside and substructure removal comprising of the design of temporary (test) lifting provisions, caisson and conductor removal provisions, equipment removal etc;
  • The design of platform modifications such as deck extensions & modifications for new or replacement of equipment, replacement of caissons and risers;
  • The design of subsea structures such as piling templates, stabbing templates, wellhead protection frames, side tap protection structures, PLEMS and PLETS etc;
  • The design of secondary steel components such as working platforms, J-tubes, cable hang-off clamps, anode cages, internal Monopile and Transition piece platforms etc, for wind turbine foundations and transformer platform foundations;
  • Weight and Centre of Gravity (CoG)/ Centre of Buoyancy (CoB) calculations and Weight Control Reports;
  • Bolted connections, Welded connections, Nodes & joints (eg diamond plates), Detailed buckling checks of shell structures etc.


  • Bachelors or Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering (offshore);
  • 5+ years of experience as structural engineer in the offshore oil & gas and renewable industry;
  • Software experience: advanced user of Ansys (classic and workbench), basic knowledge of SACS and StaadPro;
  • Knowledge of International rules and standards applicable to offshore designs for oil & gas as well as offshore wind industry;
  • Good knowledge of English and preferably also Dutch (both written and verbal);
  • Pro-active and problem solving attitude, analytic, flexible, team player.
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