Offshore Substation NordSee Ost

KCI was awarded the Concept, Basic and Detailed design (2nd and 3rd BSH) of the NordSee Ost topside by Siemens.

KCI performed the concept engineering for the self-installing substation layout (with suction anchors) for NordSee Ost, Germany for Siemens. An evaluation was made between self-installing and fixed structure. A final decision was made based on economics, vessel availability and finally client preferences to use a turbine foundation as OSS foundation. Water depth at the location for the substation is 25 meters.

After the Concept design, Siemens awarded the Basic and Detailed design to KCI as well.

KCI s responsibility includes for the topside steel and utility design and the integration of all (HV) systems into the platform.

Additional services on the NordSee Ost OWF

Phase of Development
Concept, Basic and Detailed Design

Year of Project



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