LAPS Offshore Compression Concept Phase

LAPS Offshore Compression Concept Phase

Lancelot Area Pipeline System (LAPS) cluster of platforms in UK sector of SNS was identified with opportunity to add a new compression module to facilitate the extension of cessation of production data from depleting wells. This modification would also increase the recoverable reserves by lowering the back pressure of the wells.

KCI was awarded the project to identify and appraise several concepts for the offshore compression system and to perform a complete pipeline network and various structural assessments. Installation concepts covered adding a RAT, MPP or jacketed structure. A complete flow assurance study was performed on the existing network and possible tie-ins from third parties to advise the best solution
based on technical and economic aspects.

Phase of Development
Concept design

Year of Project

OFFSHORE - SNS - UK Sector (Arthurian Fields / LAPS)

Perenco UK

Scope (multi-single)

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