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Inclined fall pipe system

Inclined fall pipe system

The design objective for the Inclined Fall Pipe System (IFPS) was to enable precision rock placement around the legs of fixed oil & gas platforms and offshore wind structures such as monopiles and jackets in shallow waters. With the normal rock dumping fallpipes these locations cannot be reached as the fallpipe is positioned through a moonpool in the centre of the vessel.

The IFPS, designed by KCI, consists of separate closed fall pipe sections which are modularly assembled from the aft deck. From the aft of the ship, the IFPS extends an inclined cantilevered pipe, reaching approximately 20 metres behind the vessel. Via this 50 metre-long pipe of 1.20 metre diameter, extremely precise rock placement is possible.

Phase of Development
Detailed design

Year of Project
2010 - 2011



Scope (multi-single)
Mechanical Structures

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