Double Slip Joint (DSJ)

In 2013 KCI started a research project in cooperation with the Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) to develop a better concept for the connection between monopiles and transition pieces. Grouted and bolted connections had shown their complications and a new and cost effective alternative would be interesting for the Offshore Wind market, thus thought KCI's R&D department. The intensive reseach study ultimately has led to the development of the Double Slip Joint (DSJ).

In the double Slip Joint connection, 2 sets of rings with matching conical surfaces are integrated in the standard cylindrical tubes of the foundation pile (FP) and the transition piece (TP). The conical surfaces are tapered at about 2 degrees, providing a well-defined self-locking steel on steel connection after installation of the TP, which acts as if the rings are welded together.

Advantages of the DSJ


Phase of Development
R&D, Concept & Detailed Design


Year of Project
2014 - Current



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