Concept, Basic and Detailed Design of secondary steel Blyth

Concept, Basic and Detailed Design of secondary steel Blyth

For the Blyth Offshore Wind Demonstrator project BAM will deliver 5 gravity base foundations, which are a combination of a concrete foundation with a steel ‘monopile’.
KCI has designed and engineered the complete secondary steel Concept, Basic and Detailed Design for BAM.

Concept Design – KCI prepared the concept for the secondary steel based on experience from previous projects (lessons learned) in combination with the requirements of the WTG supplier (MVOW).

Basic Design – Further development of the concept design based on the input from Client (EDF), Cable Installer, WTG supplier (MVOW), the construction team and certifying body (DNV/GL). In addition to the design and calculations, a 3D-model of secondary steel for one generic GBF location was created to facilitate communication and alignment of all the stakeholders involved.  

Detailed design – Incorporation of additional information received from fabricator and from various vendors of electrical appurtenances. KCI created 5 specific 3D models for each ‘monopile’ of all GBF locations and was responsible for the integration of all 3D models. This includes interfacing, clash detection for all vendor items and equipment from WTG supplier and in addition the alignment of ‘monopile’ and turbine tower.

Fabrication & Installation engineering

In parallel with the detail design process, KCI was responsible for fabrication assistance and prepared input for various installation options for several secondary steel items like J-tubes, external platforms and boatlanding. All engineering was approved by DNV/GL.

Phase of Development
Concept, Basic & Detailed Design

Year of Project
2016 - 2017


BAM Infraconsult

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