Basic Design self-installing GBF

Basic Design self-installing Gravity Based Foundation concept

KCI has been contracted for the Basic Engineering of the structural steel design of a self-installing Gravity Based Foundation (GBF) concept.

This self-installing GBF is specifically developed for wind turbines with a capacity of over 6MW which need to be installed in waters deeper than 40m. The principle has been tested by computer simulation and by model testing at Marin. The next step is full scale testing. A demonstrator will be built in order for the self-installing GBP to be accepted for project financing. The target site for the demonstrator is the Borssele Kavel 5, which is specifically intended for testing new offshore wind technologies

The scope of KCI’s assignment includes the Basic Design of the steel structure, secondary steel, guiding system, ballasting system and the transport & installation procedures.

Phase of Development
Basic Design

Year of Project
2016 - 2017



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