Oct 10 2017

World’s first SCR Unit installed on offshore platform

Each year, around 3,000T of NOx is emitted by the approximately 300 offshore installations in the Dutch North Sea. In close consultation with the offshore industry, the Dutch Government has decided that this figure must be reduced to around 1,500t as of 1 January 2019.

Offshore NOx emission are mainly caused by the combustion of fuel (either diesel or gas) by generators for the supply of power, and by turbine drivers on compressors, required to maintain transport pressures at a sufficient level. Although most operators are aware of these upcoming restrictions, many have been playing a waiting game before taking the right steps, since a number of offshore platforms are planned to be decommissioned and removed. The current market situation and technological developments, however, have encouraged the operators to postpone the decommissioning of many installations and progress toweard adressing Nox emissions.


Project partners

To reduce the Nox emissions of the existing turbines on the Markham J6A platform, a number of companies worked closely together, namely:

- Centrica Production Nederland, owner of the platform and principal

- KCI the Engineers BV, the engineering contractor, responsible for the overall design and engineering.

- Array Industries, main contractor, responsible for the detailed design and construction of the exhaust gas ducting, SCR reactor and steel support structure.

- SEW Oil & Gas, contractor for steelworks and main contractor responsible for, dismantling, assembly and offshore construction, and installation works.

- FlowVision, NOx abatement systems and technology provider, including engineering and commissioning services.


KCI  accomplishes great things read all about the NOx  emission reduction project at  Offshore Industry magazine issue 5 - p. 59