Mar 08 2016

KCI launches division Observation Wheels

KCI launches division Observation Wheels

Today, Dutch based engineering firm KCI officially launches its Wheels division. The company's track record in Observation Wheels is unparalleled in the world when looking at the past decade. KCI has been involved in the development of over 15 Observation Wheels, geographically spread from New York to China.

"It was time to give our expertise in this field a more prominent place in our marketing strategy" says Marc Groenendijk, Managing Director at KCI.
28 years ago, KCI started as an engineering company providing structural engineering services to the Oil & Gas industry. The company is still active in this market, as well as in the Renewables and Equipment industry.

The division Wheels has now become the fourth pillar in KCI's marketing strategy.

In the past three years KCI has been involved in the design and engineering two of world's largest Observation Wheels.
Marc Groenendijk, sees a big future for the new launched division. "The design of very large Observation Wheel is quite complex and pushes the boundaries of what is technically feasible. These projects require very high end engineering and specific experience. It are true multidisciplinary projects where of course structural expertise is key but also insights into mechanical engineering, drive systems, automation and control are of vital importance. Aspects as wind load, seismic activity, icing, dust etc. are important starting points for the development with respect to safety, life time and maintenance."
"Every wheel is unique in its design, size, structure and environmental circumstances. It all depends on the area in the world where a new Observation Wheel will arise. We have designed wheels intended for installation on top of a building, wheels with a single pole support structure, wheels for high risk seismic areas, spokeless wheels etc. We love challenges and can provide our customers with a wide range of consultancy & engineering services such as Concept, Basic and Detailed Design, Fabrication Support and Installation Engineering."

Marc Groenendijk
Managing Director / Manager Wheels
Tel. +31 10 427 0399