Aug 28 2016

KCI designer of Lift Control Assembly Module of Pioneering Spirit

The first heavy lift project of Allseas' Pioneering Spirit is also a proud moment for KCI who participated in the design of the Lift Control Assembly (LCA) module of the Topside Lifting System.

KCI took care of both the Basic and Detailed design of the LCA module which is a vital part of the Topside Lifting System. In fact, KCI designed the support frame for the LCA skid, which accommodates all huge equipment to be installed in this skid. Further KCI's Piping & Pipe Stress team have performed various checks and verifications for the high pressure system. KCI also rendered support as site engineer during the fabrication and installation of the LCA module.

With the removal of the Yme Mobile Offshore Production Unit (MOPU) in Norway in August, the topside lifting capabilities of the Pioneering Spirit have been successfully demonstrated.

Picture courtesy of Allseas