Oct 26 2016

Centrica awards KCI with new assignment for NOx Compliance project

Centrica Exploration & Production Nederland B.V. has granted KCI a new assignment for their NOx Compliance project. In the first half of 2016, Centrica already contracted KCI for the Concept Selection for the same project. The new assignment encompasses the FEED study.

As of 2019, gas turbines need to comply with the new Dutch decree relating to emissions from medium-sized combustion equipment (BEMS). Centrica is already anticipating on this new regulation and in particular for the J6A gas processing platform located in the Dutch sector of the Southern North Sea.

This platform was originally built to process gas from the Markham field but it now functions as a processing hub for gas from several fields: J3aC, K4aD, Windermere, K1A, Grove, Chiswick and Kew. Together these fields make up the Greater Markham Area (GMA). To accommodate the fields being at different stages in their field lives, there are three different field suction pressures available on J6A: Low Low Pressure (LLP), Low Pressure (LP) and Natural Flow. This is achieved by having one LLP compressor and two (parallel) LP compressors.

During the concept select phase performed by KCI, Centrica has chosen to implement the Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology to achieve the required NOx levels of the LM 1600 compressor drives.

Centrica is a pioneer by installing this system on one of their offshore gas production facilities.

In the FEED phase KCI will develop the design of the SCR system in such a way that all technical risks are addressed and mitigated and that a 10% accurate budget estimate is provided for subsequent procurement and installation.